Episode IV: Power

Episode IV


Today’s Words of Wisdom:

 “Take it, Cronk. Feeeellll the poweeerrrrrrr.” 

-Yzma from “The Emperor’s New Groove”

 The Foda’s take: I have a theory that most of what we do in life is through the pursuit of finding what empowers us. The odd part is that when we go looking for things that will make us feel powerful, it’s not always where we think it will be.

Power. Anakin Skywalker craved it, and look how that turned out for him: wife gone, offspring hidden, and yeah, he walked around in a hunk of black plastic and metal for the rest of his life. That’s because he tried to find his empowerment in the WAY wrong place. (The Dark Side. Taking names since… a long, long time ago…..)

Sidebar- does anyone else understand why Star Wars took place in the past when spaceships and aliens are in the token “future” camp?

But I digress. What got me thinking about this was actually the lovely lady known to you as Fumbledore, first introduced through the Wise Words of Episode II. In one of her own blog posts, she spoke about a Harry Potter shirt with a lightening bolt and the words Expecto Patronum on it that makes her feel very powerful when she wears it. This brought me to think about where I’ve looked for empowerment as a woman in today’s society… and realized it was all a lie! Lies, I tell you! Falsehoods issued by a socially constructed media frenzy of what a powerful woman looks like! This is why young women wear low tops and short skirts! This is why we break our backs in skyscraper heels! This is why… this is why…. this is why I am only now realizing that I feel more powerful in a pair of flat riding boots that make me feel like a stormtrooper than a tight dress.

What this all comes down to is, when we’re kicked down and we feel like life is out of control, the one thing we want more than anything in the world is to feel powerful- like we can kick this problem to the curb with one big hiiiiyyyyahhh! But when you’re on your last straw with a longterm problem, it may feel like your power source is dryer than a Jawa’s tunic. This is why it’s so important to really think about what makes you feel powerful- even in the littlest way- to help boost you up when you need it. Maybe it’s a funny T-shirt. Maybe it’s reading a book to your one year old nephew using silly voices that make him laugh. Maybe it’s a pair of name-taking boots. Or dorky stick-it-to-the-man feety pajamas. (Want. Those. ) Or perhaps it’s a gratitude stone you hold to remind yourself of the good things you have. Whatever it is, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant, find it, and go to it when you feel powerless. Just… don’t find power in kicking cats or something twisted, okay? Because the Foda does NOT condone that tom foolery. So I ask you: what makes you feel powerful?

Until next time,

The Foda

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