Episode XXIII: My Invisibility Cloak

Episode XXIII 

My Invisibility Cloak

 Today’s Words of Wisdom:

 “Don’t judge a book by its cover.”

– George Eliot

 The Foda’s Take: Did you know this quote actually came from a woman named Mary Anne Evans, born in 1819, who wrote novels using the pen name George Eliot? So she meant this quote quite literally to the publishing world! How. Cool. Is. That.

 Invisible illness. It’s as elusive as a Jawa in Begger’s cayon. You can’t see them… but you know they’re there. Watching you. With those beady little glow-in-the dark eyes. Just waiting to capture you and sell you for parts. (Seriously- does anyone else think Jawas are the SciFi version of slave traders? Or is that just me??)

But I digress. Everyone’s been told the old idiom: Just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean it’s not there. Like The Force. Or Faith. Or Bigfoot. Having a chronic illness or long-term trauma usually works the same way. You know it’s there because you can feel it. But you look normal, right? And so how many times have people found out, smiled, and said: “But you look so good!” And you know what? They truly think they’re saying something nice! 

But it doesn’t exactly validate you, does it? That’s like telling someone who just lost a loved one: “Well, you look great! You must be already over it.”

Umm… no?

Henceforth, the conundrum of… Dum da-duh DAAAA!!! The Invisibility Cloak! Now this handy little contraption can be very helpful and super awesome. Just ask Harry Potter. There are some situations where it really is quite helpful to be under the radar. Like when your Aunt Beru is looking for you with a cup of that weird blue milk in her hand. (Fans, you totally know what I’m talking about. BANTHA JUICE, baby!) But now imagine… what if you had this cool cloak… but you couldn’t take it off?

That’s just it, you know. There isn’t a choice. (Unless you want to paste a couple of large braces on your legs or make super melodramatic groans and grimaces at random passer-byes.) Oh, you’re having a hard time picturing it? Here’s some sample text for you: Ohhh, woe is meeeeee!!!!!!

Although I must admit, sometimes I really like my Invisibility Cloak. If you meet me when I’m sitting down, I can usually carry on a perfectly normal conversation, pretend like my life is completely ordinary, and that’s just fine with me! After all, sometimes it’s nice to have a break from the How are you feeling’s and the What did the doctor say’s. But since people dealing with long-term hardships are often more isolated as it is, it doesn’t help also feeling like no one sees you, or understands what you’re going through. This is where being invisibly ill can create a real division of self. After all, if the world sees Princess Leia, but inside that body is a crazed Bantha… which one is the REAL you?


It’s not easy living this way, always feeling like you have two selves, with something to prove. And no, people aren’t really going to get it unless they’ve seen a loved one go through it, or lived it. But here’s the one part they don’t tell you about us cool kids who get Invisibility Cloaks. THERE’S A CLUB. And once you’re in, there are so many others, just like you, who will SEE you- all of you. You just have to find them. And until you do, well, you always have me. :)

Ciao for now,

The Foda

P.S. Are you a member of the Invisibility Cloak Club? Would you be interested in creating one here in The Foda’s Galaxy? Let me know! Subscribe, Tweet @TheFemaleYoda, or Email me at TheFemaleYoda@gmail.com and share your warrior’s tale, your thoughts, or even just your name. I’d be honored to hear your story.

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