FWW: They Call Me Lazy

Free Write Wednesdays (FWW) 

They Call Me Lazy

 Today’s Words of Wisdom:

 “You will find that it is necessary to let things go; simply for the reason that they are heavy.”

~ C. JoyBell C.

 The Foda’s Take: I love this quote so much that it has inspired my new idea for… drumroll, please… Free Write Wednesdays!

 Howdy, folks! So I’m thinking of starting up something a bit new here, called “Free Write Wednesdays.” While I may not do this every Wednesday, I’ve been using this therapeutic format of writing for years now, although I usually call it “Beat Writing” a la Jack Kerouac. (But Free Write Wednesdays just sounded better- and that’s essentially what Beat Writing is… stream of consciousness with no analyzing, no editing, and usually, no punctuation. But I will use punctuation. Because I think it Makes. A . Point. Ha!)

Anyway, what I plan to do is choose a sentence to start with, and just go from there! What I’m hoping is that those of you who are also struggling with a chronic illness, personal trauma, or otherwise invisible ailment will join me in writing your own free write using the starter sentence I use. It’s amazing how when you let your mind just GO and stop analyzing the “rightness” of your thoughts, how it can bring to the surface so much you never knew was there. (Hence why it can be so therapeutic!) And of course, I would love to hear what you come up with! Just be sure not to judge where your mind goes. Allowing our brains to get in touch with the rawest form of our thoughts can be very powerful, and not always super cheerful- but once it’s said, it’s amazing how sometimes you can release what you never knew you were holding on to.

So let’s get started with our very first Free Write Wednesday! The starter sentence for the day is: “They call me lazy.” 

 They Call Me Lazy

Look at you, girl- all mashed up on the couch like a potato after it’s been beaten down

Shapeless and churned up like a milkshake

Why so pale, they say

Why can’t the Foda come out to play?

You’re young and you look so fine like good wine so let’s go have a good time- after all You look just the same as me

And what do you mean you can’t drive to visit, girl, can’t come to see your old college pal?

I can’t always be the one, you know, this whole “illness” has just got to go, because I’m Tired of being the one who has to work so hard when you don’t even have to work

I envy you, they say

No work, no stress, just stay at home in your jammies all day

How nice must that be, have a break from the fast lane, the always moving train, the Quickly changing game

You get to stand still, they say with a sigh

Or they avoid my eyes when it’s time to say hi

Because what do you say when you don’t understand

That I’d love to be working

Exhausted from earning

Instead of being what I am

Exhausted from breathing, from sitting, from being

But I have to say NO with no proof I can show

No marks on my body, no splints on my legs

My hair is still there, and I’ll smile for you, ma’am

To make you more comfortable with what you don’t understand

I’ll tell you the truth but I’ll couch it with a smile because you’ll get uneasy

If I tell it up straight

So they call me lazy

Or say I just need a nap

But what I need is much more, to know my healing light is in store

Wrapping me up in its beauty like a precious hug

Until my “laziness” is heard of

No more.

 I hope you enjoyed our first Free Write Wednesday! If you have a “They Call Me Lazy” you’d like to share, please either share using the Comment section below this post (if it isn’t there, click on the post title and it will appear at the bottom) or email me at

Get those creative juices flowing!


The Foda

P.S. So I just read what I wrote here and want to say that you TOTALLY don’t have to rhyme when you free write.. apparently that’s just what my weird mind likes to do when I let go of the reins… CRAZY.

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