Episode XXXIV: Lyme SpyWalker: Superhero

Episode XXXIV

Lyme SpyWalker: Superhero

 Today’s Words of Wisdom:

“Superheroes were born in the minds of people desperate to be rescued.”

~ Jodi Picoult, The Tenth Circle

The Foda’s Take: Jodi Picoult is one of my favorite authors, and while I agree with this quote, I also believe that what people most want is the ability to rescue themselves… it just takes some longer to find the necessary empowerment to try. If you could be a superhero, what would your name be? And who/what would you fight?

 Happy Easter, Friends of Foda! As you know, I’ve been obsessed lately with the topic of journeys and everyday heroes, and this has inspired several day dreams wherein I’ve thought about what my life would be like if I was, in fact, a superhero. If for nothing else, to give my brain something fun to do while my body is house bound…. Oh, what do I mean? Why, thanks for asking! As an example, I have taken the liberty of preparing a sample script for your reading pleasure. Enjoy!

Setting: Around dusk, shadowy casts of light creating slices of grey across the living room carpet, all somber and zebra-like. Pan in on lone girl sitting solemnly on a brown suede couch, staring off longingly into the distance. Body propped up between obscene amount of homemade throw pillows. Girl looking wistful. Grey and white cat sprawled lazily  beside her.

GIRL: Oh, woe is me. I want so badly to go out and be a part of the world today.

CAT: Don’t be silly. You know you can’t do that.

GIRL: (sighs) I know. But I miss being normal.

CAT: Normal is a far-fetched fabricated fantasy.

GIRL: I guess. Good alliteration, by the way.

CAT: I know. I’m brilliant. That’s why I pretend to not understand you when you tell me to stop jumping on your keyboard or use your toes for teething toys.

GIRL: (scratches head) Huh. Good call.

CAT: (yawns) Indeed. Besides, no one can know your true identity. For the good of the galaxy, and all.

GIRL: Yes, that’s true. I just wish someone would someday see me for who I am.

CAT: Superheroes don’t have that luxury. You know that to be true, Lyme SpyWalker.

GIRL: I do. (taps fingers together in contemplation)

CAT: You want to put on the cape again, don’t you.

GIRL: Mayyybbeeee????

CAT: You know, you’re pretty unique so far as superheroes go. You don’t even have to leave the couch to fight your arch-nemesis.

GIRL: Well, that’s because my arch-nemesis is hiding inside me. Stupid spirochete.

CAT: You’ll have your day, Lyme SpyWalker. The enemy is strong, and numerous, but you will conquer all.

GIRL: I know. <puts on cape.> Hey, Cat. Do you think… you might????

CAT: Fine. I’ll sing your theme-song again. But this is the last time.


 You know, something like that! Sometimes all it takes is a little bit of imagination and child-like zeal to take a challenging situation and turn it into an empowering journey.  And a great place to start is deciding what your superhero name would be!

Just don’t take Lyme SpyWalker. That one’s MINE. <Thieving little womp rats.> Ooops! I saw that muscle fasciculation, leg! I know you’re in there, spirochete!!!! Sorry folks, time to go. I have some bacteria blasting to do.

Come back here, you!!!!

Lyme SpyWalker Signing Out,

The (Lyme SpyWalker) Foda

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