Once Upon A Lyme: A Children’s Book

Alright, folks! I promised it to you, and here it is! The Female Yoda’s first EVER e-book made just for kids!

“Once Upon A Lyme: A Children’s Book” by Kaitlyn G. Guay

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“Once Upon A Lyme” is a FREE electronic children’s flip book written and illustrated by Kaitlyn G. Guay on how to prevent Lyme Disease. Using whimsical prose and rhyme, this book helps children learn how to recognize ticks, gives simple tips for how to play safely, as well as what to do should a tick be found on you, all in a humorous, lighthearted way. On the last page is also an additional list of resources for more information on tick prevention, safety tips, and excellent sources for hope,  health, and community support.

This interactive flip e-book is being offered FREE, and is equipped with several social media sharing links so that you can share it anywhere it may be helpful: schools, parks, daycares, etc. You can even bookmark it for your child’s own personal library! This e-book lends an interactive experience as the reader can flip through the pages electronically, enjoying the sound of the page turning every time! Just click and drag the page corners to turn the page or use the arrows at the top of the screen. You are also most welcome to print and share this e-book by selecting the “print” option on the the flip book control panel!

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“You see, knowledge is power, and the more that you know, means the more you’ll be able to get strong and grow.”                                                                 ~ “Once Upon A Lyme” by Kaitlyn G. Guay

Episode XXXVIII: Puny People Power


Puny People Power

Today’s Words of Wisdom:

“I’m bringing puny back.”

~ The Female Yoda

 The Foda’s Take: Okay, I admit it. I am one of those women who doesn’t adore being home alone at night. Why? Because Mandalf is a 6’3 body-building yogi (yes, I know how much of an oxymoron that is- a super muscular guy who’s also freakishly flexible.) You see, well, I’m rather puny. And having him around makes me feel safe. (You have other fabulous qualities too, Mandalf, don’t think I just love you for your body! That would be objectifying. And pedantic. And so one-dimensional of me. Hey! Don’t you walk away from m— oh. Hi guys.) But as I was saying, just because I’m a puny person doesn’t mean I’m not a powerful one, right?

 Helllllooooooo world! May the Fourth be with you!!! (Just a lil’ sci-fi joke for you there!) I’d like to start off by giving a huge shout out to my fellow puny people out there. Either physical stature just isn’t your strong suit, or, like me, you’re battling through a chronic illness that has diminished your brawny brawny bod- for now, anyway. Hey. HEY. Don’t get all offended because you don’t like being called puny! I don’t like calling myself puny. But I am. And it’s time to face the music, folks. Let’s be AUTHENTIC. And my authentic self is that I’m a dazzlingly strong, creative, and energetic spirit trapped in a puny body. And that is nothing to be ashamed of. Because today? I am starting a revolution. Today I am taking puny BACK.

I’ve gone through many different phases of my relationship with my body. When I was young, I got over my self-consciousness by training for marathons or completing the latest fitness craze. That way, when my female mind got hyper-critical, I could remind her how I ran eight miles the other day, and in your face! Then, after getting sick, I disassociated myself from my body for a while, thinking it was better to concentrate only on mental me and ignore my physical self until it was all back to normal. Finally, I realized I needed to tune back in and accept myself as the authentic me- just as I am, right now, no alterations required. And authentic me? Is PUNY.

But puny on the outside does not translate to puny on the inside. (As Hardison always said on one of my favorite shows Leverage: “Age of the Geek, baby!”) Sidebar- ironically, he was the “geek”- and still had the body of a pro athlete. Thanks a LOT Hollywood! But I digress.

I think for a long time I would look at my outer puniness and focus on how weak it made me feel, without stopping to acknowledge that I was essentially neither weak, nor puny. After all, I’ve accomplished more within this “puny” body than I could have ever imagined possible. Start a blog. Write an e-book. Write a novel. Design my own website. And this got me thinking. I am a very “feeling” person. Very emotionally in tune, very sensitive. And sometimes this makes me feel weak, because I feel all these pesky feelings regarding my illness and- as I call them- my Lyme-i-tations. And then I remembered someone telling me that it is the most sensitive people that are actually the strongest- because we deeply internalize, analyze, and work through these feelings, allowing ourselves to grow throughout a difficult journey. Not so puny after all, now, are we???!!!

(Why did just now I picture Mr. Clean jumping off a bottle of detergent and flexing his arms at me like I was challenging his brawny authority? Mandalf, help!!!!)

Moving on. The point is, most puny people are more sensitive, and have more to endure in this world. Why? Because we’re at a bit of a biological disadvantage. But this also means we get to compensate and learn how to grow and get around our puniness by working on making who we ARE- our authentic selves- stronger. I call this: Puny People Power! And I am embracing mine today.

Just because my body is weak doesn’t mean I’m not strong. And just because I’m not bouncing back to full health quickly doesn’t mean I’m not fighting tooth and nail every day. You just can’t see it. What’s that called again? You know, knowing something is true, even though there’s no physical proof? Oh, right. FAITH.

Pretty sure there was a whole book written about that… or, you know, a million.

So if you, too, are a puny person, join me in recognizing your inner power. Let’s try together to not get stuck on the outside garnishes. Everyone who deals with a chronic illness and refuses to give up the fight for a better quality of life is so incredibly strong. And you may not be told that enough- especially if your illness is invisible- so I’m telling you. You are strong. You are powerful. LET’S TAKE PUNY BACK!

<Cue music for Justin Timberlake’s “I’m Bringing Sexy Back.” Now replace “Sexy” with “Puny.” Smile, sing, repeat. Preferably into a hair brush. And if you post it on YouTube, totally send me the link.>

Punily yours,

The Foda

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