Green Living: Happiness in a Bottle: Evan Healy Hydrosols

Green Living: Happiness in a Bottle: Evan Healy Hydrosols

 Howdy folks! Hmm… am just now realizing I say “howdy” a lot in my posts… apparently my writing alter-ego, besides being green, is also from Texas. Which, in point of fact, I am… not… Fascinating.

Anywho! Today I’d like to talk about one of my favorite green products right now: the Evan Healy hydrosol! This line has several hydrosols to choose from depending on your skin’s need, and they are all ranked excellently on the EWG website, which analyzes and ranks products from 1-10, with 10 being the most toxic. These hydrosols are AMAZING! They come in a lovely glass bottle with beautiful mantras inscribed on the back, so every time you lift it to spray your face, you get a built in saying along with your senses-soother! What’s even more awesome is the unique way they distill the essential oils in that they process them at a low heat over a long period of time, instead of the way most companies do, which is on a high heat over a short period of time. This helps keep the integrity of the nutrients, instead of burning them off.

So why do I call this “happiness in a bottle?” I’ve come to call these hydrosols my “happy juice.” True story. As in, “today’s been really rough; I think I need another shot of happy juice.” Then I simply walk over to the bathroom, pick up my bottle, and mist it all over my face, breathing in the delicious goodness. It’s a treat for the skin AND your smile! And for people like me who are chemical sensitive and can’t tolerate perfumes or even scented products, these are natural enough that they don’t irritate at all.

Oh, and one more thing. They don’t just smell great. They actually really help your skin. I have very oily skin, so at first, I didn’t think a hydrosol would help; I just got my first one for the scent. (Tulsi Holy Basil hydrosol. Ah. Ma. Zing. Amazing. Holy Basil is also really good for the respiratory and neurological system.) But then I got the Lemon and Thyme hydrosol, designed for oily skin. I’ve been using that three times a day for over a month, and it’s worked wonders to help balance my skin! I use it before my Dr. Alkaitis toner (another amazing line I’ll discuss at a later time) as well as to set my makeup, and after I clean my face at night. The smell isn’t as delectable as the Tulsi Basil hydrosol, but it works wonders!

Once again, I feel I should just mention that I am in no way affiliated with Evan Healy. I just want to spread the joy.

So if you’re looking for a pick-me-up in a bottle that’s non-toxic, check out this line. There’s a Lavender one that’s divine for spraying on your pillow at night if you have trouble sleeping. You are WELCOME, insomniacs!

Happy Misting!

Sssnnnnniiiifffffffffffff!!! Ahhhhhhh.

The Foda

P.S. Want to know where you can find these? Check out and look under “Facial Tonics” or use the links provided above. Many can also be found on Amazon.

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