Unlocking the Wisdom Within

Unlocking the Wisdom Within

Today’s Words of Wisdom:

“Know Thyself.”


Have you ever just known something? Like, there you are, walking down the street, and then, BAM. You find yourself open-mouth fogging a storefront window over the fully automated R2D2 replica inside that you know will change your life.

No? Just me?

Fine. Maybe lusting after battery-operated toys isn’t your thing. (Or maybe it is. Heh. Heh heh. Oh, yes, I went there.) But you can’t deny the existence of things like gut instinct. Intuition. That tingly feeling on the back of your neck when you’re in a dark alley in a bad part of town and you just know you’re being watched. (Or you’ve just watched too many bad TV dramas and have an acute imagination. I cannot relate to this at all. Ahem.)

We get these signals because– I hate to break it to you, folks– but your subconscious? Is smarter than you are. It KNOWS things. I don’t know how. I don’t know why. But it does. The good news is, once you learn how to tune in, you can know things too! The bad news is, it’s sometimes hard to tell when you’re fabricating that wise Yoda sitting half-lotus in your brain telling you: “Eat that last brownie, you must.” So how do we unlock the wisdom within? Simple. Just TAG it!

1) Trust yourself. We are all walking around with untapped wisdom inside of us. But before we can unlock it, we have to trust that it’s there. We are all wiser than we think. (With the possible exception of whoever came up with the character Jar Jar Binks. That person may be coming back as a slug. Just sayin’.)

2) Ascertain the cosmic importance of the question you’re asking. (If you’re pondering whether to swipe the last sticky bun, I’m pretty sure you don’t need any special intrinsic wisdom to help you out. But if you’re contemplating leaving a job you hate, taking a new path, leaving a relationship, or trying to find new ways of healing, that sounds like a job for the wisdom widget in your noggin! (Sidebar: how awesome would that be??!! To, say, tug on your earlobe to activate the widget, and shazam! Instant wisdom infusion.)

3) Go with your gut. Also known as: Don’t overthink it. ‘Nough said.

Trust. Ascertain. Go with Gut. TAG! You’re it!

Bottom line, we all have a beautiful innate wisdom within us yearning to help us make the most of our precious lives. We just have to learn to listen. We have to WANT to listen. So often, we get beat down by life- whether it’s from an acute, chronic illness like mine, destructive relationships, bad childhoods, you know the drill. Sometimes we get so beat down that we begin to think we don’t deserve to be blissfully out-of-our-mind happy on a daily basis. So we don’t listen to our voice of wisdom. Because we don’t think we deserve the rewards it has to offer. But we do.

So I’d like to leave you with this: what question have you been struggling with finding the answer for?

TAG! You’re it!

Love and Light,

The Foda

Why You Should Live Like a Tramp

Why You Should Live Like a Tramp

Oh, whoops, did my title cut off? That’s supposed to say “Why You Should Live Like a Trampoline.” Silly me. (My most humble apologies to anyone who clicked through with the notion I was plugging promiscuity. Saucy minx.) But I digress.

So, let’s jump right in! Why SHOULD you live like a trampoline? Three reasons.

  1. Trampolines are fun. Enough said.
  2. They’re good for your health. (All my chronically ill warriors out there, check out “rebounding” to help restoratively combat muscle deterioration, improve circulation, and give you those feel-good endorphins!)
  3. They give back. You put energy in, and it gifts it right back to you, rewarding you with a few seconds of: “I’m flying! Take that, gravity! Suckaaaa!!” This is the point I’d like to focus on.

Step-by-Step Tutorial for How To Live Like a Trampoline:

Step One: Put good energy in.

Step Two: Rebound said good energy back into your world.

Step Three: Repeat.

Simple, right? It really all comes down to this: we are all energetic creatures. Everything around us is energy. That desk. Your coffee. That poodle. It’s all made up of teeny tiny molecules moving so fast, we can’t see it. We just see the solid desk. The liquid coffee. The drooling poodle. (D’joh!) But it’s all energy, and so are we. So let’s feed our world the way we feed our bodies: with the best fuel possible. After all, like attracts like… and if you get out what you put in, then wouldn’t you rather put in only the good stuff? Like love, joy, and– the most crucial for anyone struggling with a chronic illness– gratitude?

Today, give it a try. Imagine yourself as a trampoline. Set your intention, like Dr. Wayne Dyer tells us in his book “The Power of Intention,” to only see the good: the good in others, the good in your world, the good in the tiniest minutiae of your day. Then, gift it back. Become a beacon for light and love. Someone stressing you out at work? Try only letting yourself see the good in them. Your drive-you-crazy in-laws about to descend? Try only letting yourself see the good in them. Too sick to finish your to-do list? Try only letting yourself focus on the good you did accomplish.

Like all things, this is far easier than it sounds. But, so what? We’re only focusing on the good it will bring! So try it with me. Live like a tramp. (Heh. Had to.) Just for one day. Let’s see what happens.

Booooiiiinnnnggggg!!!!! Love and Light Comin’ Atchya!

The Foda