Cast of Characters in The Foda’s Galaxy

Cast of Characters in The Foda’s Galaxy

 Cast of Characters:

 The Foda

The Foda is our main character, and author of Words of Wisdom from the Female Yoda. Her name was contrived by combining the words “Female” and “Yoda”, resulting in the name “Foda”. She is a shoe-loving Pisces who enjoys making up theme-songs for everyday activities and, of course, being a fountain of wisdom.


Fumbledore is a character first introduced to the galaxy in “Episode II: Escaping the Quagmire of Anxiety”. Her name was contrived by combining the words “Female” and “Dumbledore”, (and is not, as the name may imply, either fumbling or clumsy.) She is sister and confidant to The Foda, and enjoys writing, making the best Austrian Chocolate Nutballs in the world, and, naturally, Harry Potter.


Mandalf is first introduced to the galaxy in Episode X: Han Shot First. His name was contrived by combining “Man” and “Gandalf”, as he once found a large branch and walked around with it all day saying: “You would not part an old man from his walking stick?” He is a tall, yogurt loving Capricorn, and enjoys cycling, writing to promote change, and, of course, being a super awesome husband to The Foda!

Professor Momgonagall

Professor Momgonagall joins the galaxy in Episode XII: The Small Things, Part I.  Her name was created through the blending of “Mom” with Harry Potter character “Professor McGonagall.” She is a learned lady with a talent for harp playing (harping?), collecting Vera Bradley purses, and making the best scrambled eggs this side of Coruscant.


Dobiwan has his WOW debut in Episode XIV: The Small Things, Part III. As father to the Foda, his name was divined through the marriage of “Dad” with “Obiwan.” He is a gregarious Gatsby aficionado with a penchant for low-fat chocolate milkshakes, Turner Classic Movies, and making exceptionally scrumptious BBQ chicken.


Newok enters the Foda’s Galaxy  in the post “Newok Says No.” As nephew to The Foda, his name was derived through the combination of “nephew” and “ewok,” since he is small in stature, but large in spirit. (After all, the Rebellion would never have gotten down those deflector shields on Endor without the Ewoks…) His favorite food is strawberries, and he enjoys watching cuckoos come out of cuckoo clocks.

 Want to become a character in The Foda’s Galaxy? 

Send an email directly to The Foda at, or leave a comment on this website, and if your question or feedback inspires an article, you will get your very own character persona! 

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