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Once Upon a Lyme: Animated Children’s Book

Hi, everyone!

I’m overwhelmed with how well my animated children’s book “Once Upon a Lyme” is doing! Today, a doctor in Virginia reached out to me and asked for a version of the video without the added author’s note feature I included in the original. I was more than happy to comply, and wanted to post the remastered version here. This is just the children’s book. Please feel free to share it with your schools, family, friends, school districts, and any other organization where children mingle and mix and play.


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Once Upon a Lyme: Animated Video

Howdy, folks!

It’s the beginning of May, which is Lyme Disease Awareness month. Last year I created and put out an educative children’s flipbook to help teach kids what to look for and how to stay safe while doing what kids are meant to do… play outside! This year, I took it a step further and created an animated video. Please share this with as many people as you can, and get the message out so hopefully the 300,000 new cases of Lyme reported annually in the U.S. will become far less! Knowledge is power!!!



Download a PDF of the book for free here.

Check out the links below for more information:

General Information can be found at the link below, including best safety practices, where ticks like to roam, how to remove a tick, protect your property, and even your pets.

Think you may have Lyme? This fabulous book by Lyme expert Dr. Richard Horowitz “Why Canʼt I Get Better?” provides all the information and scientific research youʼd ever need.

Get Dr. Horowitz’s book here.

For those already with dealing with Lyme, check out the positive and integrative website “Lyme Less, Live More,”designed to help you overcome chronic illness so you can, as the name suggests, Lyme less, live more!

I hope you enjoyed this video! Please don’t forget to share!


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Once Upon A Lyme: A Children’s Book

Alright, folks! I promised it to you, and here it is! The Female Yoda’s first EVER e-book made just for kids!

“Once Upon A Lyme: A Children’s Book” by Kaitlyn G. Guay

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“Once Upon A Lyme” is a FREE electronic children’s flip book written and illustrated by Kaitlyn G. Guay on how to prevent Lyme Disease. Using whimsical prose and rhyme, this book helps children learn how to recognize ticks, gives simple tips for how to play safely, as well as what to do should a tick be found on you, all in a humorous, lighthearted way. On the last page is also an additional list of resources for more information on tick prevention, safety tips, and excellent sources for hope,  health, and community support.

This interactive flip e-book is being offered FREE, and is equipped with several social media sharing links so that you can share it anywhere it may be helpful: schools, parks, daycares, etc. You can even bookmark it for your child’s own personal library! This e-book lends an interactive experience as the reader can flip through the pages electronically, enjoying the sound of the page turning every time! Just click and drag the page corners to turn the page or use the arrows at the top of the screen. You are also most welcome to print and share this e-book by selecting the “print” option on the the flip book control panel!

Simply Click,  Enjoy, and Share!

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“You see, knowledge is power, and the more that you know, means the more you’ll be able to get strong and grow.”                                                                 ~ “Once Upon A Lyme” by Kaitlyn G. Guay