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Episode XXIV: Dream A Little Dream

Episode XXIV 

Dream A Little Dream

 Today’s Words of Wisdom:

 “You don’t age until your regrets outnumber your dreams.”

~ John Barrymore

 The Foda’s Take: I absolutely adore this quote, because somewhere in the hustle of grown-up life, it becomes all too easy to forget that dreams come in all sizes, and are not just for the young.

 Welcome back, friends! I’m happy to report that I’m beginning to see a smidgen of light from my Death Star of a rut (as discussed in great depth in “Episode XXII: Fight or Flight”) and what’s really helped bring this about is my new favorite topic of….. DREAMS! 

Now, the last time someone asked me what my dream was, I was in high school, and my answer was: well, to be on Broadway, of course! Preferably playing Belle in Beauty and the Beast. Or Maureen in Rent.  Or Elphaba in Wicked. Or pretty much any role Idina Menzel has ever originated, for that matter. (Sidebar- how AWESOME would it be if someone wrote Star Wars: The Musical? Because I would SO be all over that.)

But then I went to college, graduated with a degree in music education, and found a fabulous job teaching children to sing and play, and most importantly, how to express themselves through music. And I loved it! So life went on. I worked, I got married, I explored new hobbies, and that was my life. Until I got sick. And then sicker. And then I couldn’t keep that lifestyle anymore.

Now, I know at this point you’re all going ugh, Foda, this sounds, like, super depressing! Well, hold your Tauntauns! Because the silver lining is that all this has led me back to a place quiet enough to DREAM

Yes, I have lost a lot of things I’d love to have back right now. And yes, not many people would jump at the chance to live my current life. But one truly wonderful, AMAZING thing that has come out of this is that I have been forced to step back out of my previously hectic life and truly think about: WHAT IF…

What If?

What if the reason why I got sick is because I’m meant to be on another path- one I wouldn’t have found if I had just stayed the given course, doin’ the head-down hustle, all pedal-to-metal? What if this experience, besides gifting me with GOBS of wisdom and perspective, (aw, shucks, mental me!) is also designed to give me the time to cultivate a bigger purpose for my life? How amazing would THAT be?!!

Now, I’m no foolish Foda. I know that just because I’ve been given a difficult road doesn’t mean I’m destined for a future of Best Seller Lists and Tony’s. But once you remember just how GOOD it feels to dream… why would you want to stop? Oh, because it might not happen? Umm… so? This is America! We work for what we want! It’s, like, engraved on the Statue of Liberty! Give me your poor, your sick, your dreams of book deals… (By the way if you really know what’s on the Statue of Liberty I’d appreciate it if you kept it to yourself right about now (funk soul brother!). Your superior knowledge is really spoiling my diatribe, here. Smarty Pants.) Hair flick. Pivot turn. Annnnnnnddd sashay. Wuurrkk it!

Oh. Um, sorry. Got a little carried away there. I told you there’s a thespian inside of me!

So sometime this week, I invite you to try and find a quiet moment. Put on your most comfiest of clothes, light a nice smelling scent (cinnamon and eucalyptus are great for revitalization), tip your head back into a ray of sunshine, and DREAM.

Because sometimes after WHAT IF comes…


Yours Truly,

The Dreamy Foda

P.s. What do you MEAN I never told you my dream? It’s like a birthday wish! You CAN’T say it out loud! Whaddya wanna JINX me???!!!! SELFISH. Hair flick. Pivot turn. Annnnnnnddd sashay.