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It Is Easy Being Green: Kate’s Magik Review

It Is Easy Being Green: Kate’s Magik Review

 Oh, my back. Oh, my head. My eyeballs have a pulse. My hair hurts. I can feel my blood. (One should not feel their blood whilst inside one’s veins.) I’m walking like an arthritic ostrich. GRAVITY, WHY DO YOU PLAGUE ME??!!! WHHHHYYYYYYYY???!!!!!!!!!

 Welcome to the interior dialogue of anyone who lives with a chronic illness. Okay, fine, welcome to my interior dialogue. So it should go without saying that finding some kind of relief from said woes is rather remarkable. Well, what if I told you that not only did I find it: the ever elusive ohmigosh-this-is-amazing product that will relieve what ails ‘ya… but that will also make you look and smell <hair flip> très, très chic?

Two words: Kate’s Magik. (Click here to peruse her website.) Some items are also available on Amazon.


My obsession started small. A bottle of reiki-infused lotion, labeled “Water,” designed with all natural scents meant to be most pleasing to a Pisces like me. I found it right after I started writing my book, Elements, which has to do with– you guessed it– a secret group of people who embody and manipulate the earth’s elements. I saw the bottle, and it was like it was made for me! That, and it smelled delicious. And it did what no other lotion or oil could do this winter– heal my chapped, cracking hands. (And I tried a LOT.) Sidebar: It also may have caused Mandalf to exclaim upon touching my arm: “How is your skin so soft??!!” To which I said: “Magik.” (Heh. Heh.)

Then I was curious. I had to know more. Was there more? What else did this Kate make? Days later, I had a shipment of goodies. Different products specifically selected to (hopefully) help manage my chronic pain, insomnia, anxiety, and, well, the general side effects of being debilitatingly sick for four years. (Her website offers a resource of which products she recommends for whatever your intent: health, peace, abundance, etc.)

I was astounded. The Peace and Purification anointing oil when applied to my temples, throat, heart, and behind the ears helped alleviate my constant headache, and I felt immediately calmer, in a peaceful (non-drowsy) sort of way. (A week later, and it’s now officially on my stranded-on-a-desert-island list.) Next, I slathered on her Moonlight oil twenty minutes before bed, not really expecting much. (My insomnia is legendary. And I don’t do well with strong scents.) But I could actually feel it bringing me down into a sleep-conducive state with each inhale. Now, I attribute it as my most effective sleep aid. (Take that, insomnia!)  I also got a bar of Monsoon Rain soap, because it was described as having anti-depressive qualities, and hey, let’s be real, being “all sick, all the time” is a real joy-sucker sometimes. I loved it and would love to make it a staple, but fancy soap is a luxury in my book, so it will remain a special occasion purchase. The same goes for her Blue Morpho perfumed body oil. Amazing, absorbs well, a great subtle scent, (and named after my favorite butterfly for its transformative intent) but for me, more in the luxury category as apposed to the I-NEED-THIS because it seriously improves my quality of life category.

I also purchased the Muscle Works massage oil to help with my wayward nerve endings that, if unchecked, lead to some rather wicked migraines. Only I can’t review that, because I haven’t had to use it yet. Possibly because the anointing oil is also said to help relieve headaches, and since using it, I magically haven’t gotten any… Fascinating, yesssss… <Strokes imaginary beard quizzically.>

So for all my readers who are chronically ill like me, or who are working towards an intention, whether it’s peace, mindfulness, or whatever your pleasure, I know a lady who just might be able to help. Her name is Kate. And her stuff is wand-erful. (Get it? Magik?)

So check it out. Now where did I put that anointing oil…

Snnnniiiiiiiffffffffffff. Ahhhhhhhh. That’s the stuff.

The Foda

P.S. For people like me with scent sensitivities, I’ve had no issues with any of the products I’ve tried.

P.P.S. I have not been paid, coerced, or hoodwinked into saying any of this.

Green Living: Happiness in a Bottle: Evan Healy Hydrosols

Green Living: Happiness in a Bottle: Evan Healy Hydrosols

 Howdy folks! Hmm… am just now realizing I say “howdy” a lot in my posts… apparently my writing alter-ego, besides being green, is also from Texas. Which, in point of fact, I am… not… Fascinating.

Anywho! Today I’d like to talk about one of my favorite green products right now: the Evan Healy hydrosol! This line has several hydrosols to choose from depending on your skin’s need, and they are all ranked excellently on the EWG website, which analyzes and ranks products from 1-10, with 10 being the most toxic. These hydrosols are AMAZING! They come in a lovely glass bottle with beautiful mantras inscribed on the back, so every time you lift it to spray your face, you get a built in saying along with your senses-soother! What’s even more awesome is the unique way they distill the essential oils in that they process them at a low heat over a long period of time, instead of the way most companies do, which is on a high heat over a short period of time. This helps keep the integrity of the nutrients, instead of burning them off.

So why do I call this “happiness in a bottle?” I’ve come to call these hydrosols my “happy juice.” True story. As in, “today’s been really rough; I think I need another shot of happy juice.” Then I simply walk over to the bathroom, pick up my bottle, and mist it all over my face, breathing in the delicious goodness. It’s a treat for the skin AND your smile! And for people like me who are chemical sensitive and can’t tolerate perfumes or even scented products, these are natural enough that they don’t irritate at all.

Oh, and one more thing. They don’t just smell great. They actually really help your skin. I have very oily skin, so at first, I didn’t think a hydrosol would help; I just got my first one for the scent. (Tulsi Holy Basil hydrosol. Ah. Ma. Zing. Amazing. Holy Basil is also really good for the respiratory and neurological system.) But then I got the Lemon and Thyme hydrosol, designed for oily skin. I’ve been using that three times a day for over a month, and it’s worked wonders to help balance my skin! I use it before my Dr. Alkaitis toner (another amazing line I’ll discuss at a later time) as well as to set my makeup, and after I clean my face at night. The smell isn’t as delectable as the Tulsi Basil hydrosol, but it works wonders!

Once again, I feel I should just mention that I am in no way affiliated with Evan Healy. I just want to spread the joy.

So if you’re looking for a pick-me-up in a bottle that’s non-toxic, check out this line. There’s a Lavender one that’s divine for spraying on your pillow at night if you have trouble sleeping. You are WELCOME, insomniacs!

Happy Misting!

Sssnnnnniiiifffffffffffff!!! Ahhhhhhh.

The Foda

P.S. Want to know where you can find these? Check out www.EvanHealy.com and look under “Facial Tonics” or use the links provided above. Many can also be found on Amazon.

It Is Easy Being Green: Alima Pure Makeup

It Is Easy Being Green: Alima Pure Makeup

 Howdy Folks! So, I promised I was going to start a Green Living segment, and here it is! Every now and again I’ll take a break from exploring smiling through the chartreuse cast of the Lyme-light and instead focus on what so many of us who battle chronic illnesses strive to do- live Greener, leaner, and meaner. Okay, not meaner. Although for those of us who made the choice to give up gluten, dairy, and sugar in a bid to rid our bodies of any excess inflammation, that first 2-4 weeks may have come with an extra side of screaming… Amazing how much one misses cookies and pizza once one cannot ingest them… But one may digress.

So today’s Green Living topic is… drumroll please… all natural makeup featuring my favorite safe, non-toxic brand: Alima Pure! Fun fact for you party people: Did you know…

(Pssst. Hey. Hey, you. If you want to keep wearing your designer/drugstore makeup, you may not want to hear this “fun” fact. Because it may ruin you on “conventional” makeup for life. Still with me? Still curious? Okay, you asked for it!)

Did you know that it only takes around 23 seconds for something you put on your skin to pass through to your bloodstream? 23 seconds!!! That means, ladies, essentially, that unless you would take a big spoonful of your fancy foundation or moisturizer and swallow it down the ol’ pie hole, it should not be going on your skin. Because your skin is a ravenous, porous monster ready to eat everything it should come in contact with like a crazed Rancor!

Freaked out? Hey, I warned you! Solution? Alima Pure Makeup. I’ve tried countless “green” brands (many of which said they were natural, many of which were still laden with toxic chemicals) and this one is by far my favorite. Over the past year, I’ve switched out my entire makeup bag, and the Alima Pure line has replaced 98% of my old staples. Their products are safe, highly pigmented, long lasting, AND they let you buy samples so you can have total confidence in what you buy. (Prepare to have your mind blown- they have over 60 mineral foundation shades to choose from! Whaaattt???!!!!) Pretty sure color selection won’t be an issue.

But the best part? Is that every day when I glide, tap, and swirl their soft, rich, natural products onto my face, I know my b-e-a-u-tifulness doesn’t come with a toxic price.  (Sidebar: I have absolutely no affiliation with this brand, no one is paying me to say this. I just luuuuurrrveeee them. Ahem. In a respectable, decent, totally nonchalant manner.)

So this concludes my first Green Living segment! If you’d like more info on this brand, check them out here, comment down below, or tweet me @TheFemaleYoda and let me know what you’re interested in hearing more about. Welcome to the wonderful world of Green!


The Foda