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Episode XVII: My Funny Valentine

Episode XVII

My Funny Valentine

 Today’s Words of Wisdom:

“All you need is love.”

(Dooo doo do-do doo….)

The Beatles

 The Foda’s take: Oh, I’m sorry, what’s that? I was singing. Dooo doo do-do doo……

 Happy Valentine’s Day!

Today should be a day for celebration (however much Mandalf seems to think it’s a Hallmark holiday made to sell cards and candy.) It’s a day where we recognize the love in our life. And although it’s formally used to honor the feeling you have for a significant other, many people are now also using it as a time to spend with friends, the family you choose, their other family… kinda of like how people say pork is the other white meat…. (I never quite got that…) But I digress.

Anyway, today I would like to dedicate this post to my Valentine, the fabulous Mandalf, who has stuck by me through so much.


This poem shall be named….

Ode to Mandalf

Dear Mandalf

You are tall like a giraffe with better hair

When I first met you, I had to stare

Who was that man with the snowboarder’s frame

And a smile that puts other men’s to shame?

We built a love so strong and oh so true

Yet right after we said “I do”

Our adventure dreams went on the shelf

Proving you meant in sickness and health 

I don’t know how I’d live this trial

Without you here to make me smile

So know, Mandalf, that all you do

Is not unseen, and does imbue

A love so strong that will always grow

If you say “I love you”, I won’t just say “I know”

I love you, my dear, with all of my heart

Living a love song with you is a pure form of art. 

So thank you, Mandalf, for being my beau

Thanks to you, I’m not flying (Han) Solo

 Happy Valentine’s Day Everybody!!!


The Foda