The Birth of The Foda

Some time ago, I went looking for online support to help me get through my long-term illness. What I found was a plethora of websites that either portrayed the horrors of Lyme Disease and all it can do in its extremity, or ones that lectured me on what I had to do to ever get well. While these can be helpful for some, it wasn’t what I needed. Thus, the birth of The Foda. This website was born to help anyone who is dealing with any kind of long-term trauma, be it Lyme or otherwise, who is looking for hope, inspiration, and to know they’re not alone.  There will be no talk of medical horrors here, or passionate diatribes of treatment options. So whether you’re here because either you or a loved one is enduring a long-term ordeal,  or because you just enjoy my Star Wars related banter, this website is for you. Welcome!


The Foda

A New Hope